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Looking to create next-level cover letters and CVs? and resumes. We’ll help you stay up-to-date with the job market with our modern templates and tools! Use our CV builder to get one step closer to your dream career!

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Loving our professional design formats? Want to see more? Keen to discover what has to offer? Build powerful CVs in minutes with our CV builder. No hassle, no worries.

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Check out our cover letter template designs samples. We’re helping Kiwis tell their professional stories and get closer to achieving their dream careers. Come try us out!

Proven cover letter templates

Employers want to hear about your employment experiences! Our CV and cover letter design templates were created with professionals in mind. At, we're helping Kiwis get one step closer to securing their dream careers.
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Use This TemplateStockholm cover_letter template
1,400,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateNew York cover_letter template
New York
430,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateVienna cover_letter template
110,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateSydney cover_letter template
150,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateLondon cover_letter template
270,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateDublin cover_letter template
240,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateMoscow cover_letter template
60,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateAmsterdam cover_letter template
150,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateMadrid cover_letter template
140,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateSantiago cover_letter template
130,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateSingapore cover_letter template
51,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateOslo cover_letter template
54,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateCape Town cover_letter template
Cape Town
7,500+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateParis cover_letter template
34,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateBerlin cover_letter template
91,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateGeneva cover_letter template
3,200+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateVancouver cover_letter template
44,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateTokyo cover_letter template
60,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateMilan cover_letter template
50,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateLisbon cover_letter template
28,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateBarcelona cover_letter template
28,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateCopenhagen cover_letter template
22,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateChicago cover_letter template
19,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateRio cover_letter template
28,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateRome cover_letter template
5,400+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateBoston cover_letter template
17,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateToronto cover_letter template
100,000+ users chose this template

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We've created a cover letter builder that promotes your professional story using creativity and professionalism. Our easy-to-use interface helps you create powerful, engaging cover letters to help you impress your employers and launch your career.
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Easy, on-the-go templates

At, we streamline the application process for you. You don’t have to build anything from scratch! You can use our free cover letter templates and input your info easily. All of our designs are expert-approved and trusted by professionals. Come check them out for yourself!

In-built, automatic spell-checker

With our in-built, automatic spell-checker, you don’t have to worry about being rejected due to grammatical errors or typos. We have everything in one place to remove the hassle from telling your professional story. Start making professional CVs and cover letters and advance your career now!

Job tracker

With our job tracker, you can add jobs to your wish list, monitor job listings, stay up-to-date with scheduled interviews and empower your job-hunt. We help you organise every stage of your job search. Come check it out for yourself!

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4.5 out of 5
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Practical Program The layout is very easy to comprehend The suggestions/hints are also very helpful.
Bronwyn Nicholson • 5 months ago

How to build a cover letter

Building a convincing cover letter can take time and skills we don’t always have. Now, with, we’ll help you build an effortless and easy cover letter that helps showcase your skills.

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1Begin with choosing a template

With our diverse range of stunning cover letter design templates, there’s something for everyone. All of our templates have been designed with professionals in mind, allowing users to pick a template for any job, industry or employer. professional Curious? Come take a look!

All of our templates have been expert-approved, so you can trust our templates will make a great impression on any employer!
2Add your personal info

Employers need reliable contact information, so be sure to add relevant and appropriate contact details. With our expert-designed templates, headers and formatting, you can be sure your CV will be noticed and get you hired faster. No boring visuals, no problems!

All of your data and information is protected using encrypted connections. Your CV will only be shared with you and anyone you choose to share it with.
3Fill in the sections

Save on time by using our pre-approved phrases and top career tips and tricks! Use our free guides and resources to create impressive cover letters that leave a lasting impression and save you time and energy!

4Customise Layout

Customise the design, structure and formatting of your cover letters with ease. Our templates can be adjusted to your preferences, and you can edit on-the-go with our offline sync features. You won’t lose any progress or edits, even if we lose connection. Pretty cool, huh?

Generate multiple professional cover letters tailored to any job listing
5Download your cover letter

Use our PDF files to keep your CV and cover letter formatting perfectly intact. No matter what interface or email your employer uses, our flexible export options make launching your dream career easy.

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