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Free cover letter examples and expert-approved guides

Crafting a general cover letter is essential for a strong job application; however, not all cover letters are created equal. 

At, we're dedicated to helping Kiwi job-seekers achieve their professional goals. If you're looking for a customisable, professional cover letter template to help elevate your job application, our user-friendly tools and templates make creating successful cover letters a breeze. Let’s begin!


Dear Mrs. Knight, 

If you're looking for a Sales Assistant with a passion for tech and a deep understanding of the latest trends and advancements in the industry, I'm the tech-savvy sales professional you're looking for! My name is Teina Te Hira, and  I am confident that my unique blend of skills and experiences make me the ideal candidate to support your team and elevate the customer experience at Connect Tech.

I have a proven track record of successfully promoting new products and technology solutions, resulting in a 20% increase in the adoption of cutting-edge products by customers. My ability to communicate the features and benefits of products in a clear and engaging manner has been instrumental in driving sales and enhancing the overall customer experience.

In my previous role as a Sales Assistant, I spearheaded initiatives that led to a 25% increase in monthly sales revenue within the first quarter. By leveraging my strong interpersonal skills and product knowledge, I was able to effectively identify customer needs and tailor recommendations that resulted in a 30% boost in upselling opportunities. These achievements not only demonstrate my ability to drive revenue but also my commitment to providing exceptional service that exceeds customer expectations.

In addition to my sales skills, I'm a team player who thrives in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. I have a collaborative spirit and enjoy working closely with staff to achieve common goals. Through my strong organisational skills, I have streamlined inventory management processes, reducing stock discrepancies by 15% and ensuring a more efficient workflow that optimises the customer shopping experience.

I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to bring my passion for technology, sales expertise, and customer-focused approach to the team at Connect Tech. I believe that my proven track record of driving sales growth, authentic sales demeanour and commitment to fostering a positive team environment make me the perfect fit for the Sales Assistant role.

Thank you for considering my application. I would love to discuss how my skills and experiences align with the needs of Connect Tech. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I hope to hear from you soon. 

Ngā mihi nui, 

Teina Te Hira


Our best cover letter examples

Keen to see what a great cover letter actually looks like? Check out our top-ranked cover letter examples: 

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Essential features of an impressive cover letter: 

A well-structured and organised cover letter is essential to effectively showcase why you're the ideal candidate for the job. To really impress potential employers, your cover letter should be both visually appealing, well-formatted and organised. Here are the most important components to include in your cover letter:

  1. Header: Your cover letter's header, positioned at the top or sometimes on the side of your cover letter, features your name, contact details, and any relevant links to professional websites. The header is essential for helping your cover letter stand out and enhancing the cover letter’s overall visual presentation. 
  2. Greeting: The greeting of your cover letter should be personalised to the person who will be reading your cover letter. We recommend using a polite and friendly greeting and using the name of the potential employer when known to help establish a connection with the reader. 
  3. Introduction: Your cover letter introduction should grab the attention of potential employers and make them want to learn more about you. It’s essential to include both the company name and the specific position you’re applying for in this section.
  4. Body paragraphs: The body paragraphs of your cover letter provide room for you to detail your accomplishments and essential qualifications for the role. This section is often considered the most important component of your cover letter. 
  5. Conclusion & sign off: The conclusion of your cover letter usually includes a strong call-to-action statement that encourages employers to reach out to you at a later stage. In this section of your cover letter, you should reiterate your passion for the job role, and sign-off with an appropriate farewell, such as “Yours sincerely,” or “Ngā mihi nui.”

What makes a great cover letter example:

A well-crafted cover letter example combines different structural and design elements to help highlight you as an ideal candidate. Keep in mind that a cover letter template should be tailored to align with your unique background and the requirements of the job you’re applying for. Here are some of the essential elements to include to help elevate your cover letter: 

  • A well-designed cover letter template: A cover letter with great design elements increases the likelihood of attracting employers' attention. To really get employers interested in your potential as a candidate, your cover letter should highlight your professional personality and any relevant qualities. To help get you started, check out our customisable cover letter samples for more inspiration. 
  • Proper formatting: Effective formatting enhances your cover letter, making it easier to read and more visually appealing. Each of our cover letter templates have been designed by industry experts, so you can be confident that your cover letter will leave a great first impression. 
  • Keep the white space to text ratio balanced
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation and paragraph breaks
  • Use our customisable, expert-designed templates in the cover letter builder
  • Modify the margins to fit more text in. This can make your cover letter look awkward, unattractive and messy
  • Use overly loud, flashy or inappropriate colours. Try to use a colour palette that is similar to the company you’re applying to
  • Forget to proofread! Typos or grammatical errors can threaten your chances of landing the job.
  • A great greeting: When crafting your cover letter greeting, be sure to address potential employers by their name when possible. If you're unable to identify a specific person, make sure to tailor the greeting to suit the company or team accordingly.
  • An appropriate email address: Ensure that you list a professional email address that includes a mix of your first and last name. 
  • Clear structure: Crafting a well-organised and structured cover letter is essential to creating a positive first impression. Follow the sections outlined in our cover letter samples as a template for your own. With a wide range of customisable cover letter templates on the website, we make it easy to create a cover letter that both impresses and engages potential employers. 
  • Specific, detailed examples: Be sure to include concrete examples that showcase any relevant skills, qualifications, and accomplishments. Use numbers, facts, statistics and figures whenever possible: this helps potential employers determine whether you’re a good candidate or a great candidate. 


What should I actually write about in my cover letter?

Your cover letter provides you with a chance to dive deeper into the skills and experiences highlighted in your CV. Instead of just duplicating content for each job application, be sure to tailor your cover letter to each and every job opportunity to help maximise your chances of getting noticed by employers. 

Include relevant details and examples that will help captivate the interest of potential employers, and as always, be sure to use keywords from the job description.  

How do I start writing my cover letter?

There are many ways to start a great cover letter. You could begin with an introduction to your relevant skills or passions, highlight your connection to the company, or even with a creative (and relevant!) anecdote or story. Remember, your cover letter should always include your name, title and contact information, the name of your employer, and the name of the business or company you’re applying to. 

Employers rely on cover letters to determine whether you're the right candidate for the job role, as well as to assess your level of interest and understanding of the position. Prior to writing your cover letter, be sure to review the job description thoroughly. 

What is the recommended length for a cover letter? 

Typically, a well-crafted cover letter should span around 250 to 400 words. A shorter cover letter might not adequately showcase your abilities and skills, whereas an overly long cover letter could be seen as unnecessary by potential employers. It's important that a cover letter fits on a single page. Check out our customisable cover letter templates for more examples of a great cover letter. 

What are the most common cover letter phrases?

Every cover letter should be unique and tailored to the job role, but here are a few useful phrases:

  1. I am excited to apply to the role of (Insert Job Position) at (Company/Business Name).
  2. I am looking forward to the possibility of an interview.
  3. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone at (email address) or (phone number). 
  4. Yours sincerely / ngā mihi nui, (your name) 

Simple cover letter examples

Keen to check out some more simple cover letter examples? No worries, we’ve got you covered (pun intended!) 

Here are some of our favourite simple cover letter examples: 

Build an engaging cover letter in minutes
Build an engaging cover letter in minutes
Kickstart your career and get hired faster by using one of our free cover letter templates. All of our designs are expert-approved and designed with Kiwi professionals in mind.
Create Cover Letter
Build an engaging cover letter in minutes
Build an engaging cover letter in minutes
Kickstart your career and get hired faster by using one of our free cover letter templates. All of our designs are expert-approved and designed with Kiwi professionals in mind.
Create Cover Letter

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