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Driver Cover Letter Example

Get noticed and hired faster by using this Driver cover letter example. This cover letter has been especially designed for Driver roles in 2024. We make it easy to make effortlessly stunning cover letters quicky and efficiently.
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Driver Cover Letter Example
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Effective cover letter writing for drivers

At cvapp.nz, we're here to empower your job search and connect you with relevant job opportunities. If you're a driving professional seeking guidance on how to land your next job role, you've come to the right place! Our mission is to assist professionals just like you in navigating the competitive job market and overcoming any obstacles you may face along the way. With our cover letter guide and extensive resources and expertise, we can help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by employers faster. Let’s begin! 

Cover letter header

Your cover letter header should include essential details like your full name, professional job title, email address and phone number. Additionally, you can include any links to relevant professional websites. Having a comprehensive header ensures that employers can easily reach out to you, increasing your chances of receiving interview invitations and furthering your professional network. By providing all the necessary contact details and incorporating links to your digital presence, you present yourself as a proactive candidate who is readily accessible and invested in your driving career. Go you! 

Cover letter greeting

To begin your cover letter, it's important to select a professional greeting that is concise yet effective.  The greeting you choose sets the tone for your entire letter and can leave a lasting impression on the reader. By selecting an appropriate and professional greeting, you demonstrate your understanding of business etiquette and convey a sense of respect towards the reader. Remember, the first impression matters, so make sure your cover letter greeting is professional and courteous. You can greet employers using the traditional format of “Dear Mr.Mrs/Curran,” or, if you don’t know the name of your hiring managers, you can simply choose to greet them as “Dear Team Company.” The most important thing to remember is that greetings should be brief and professional. 

Introduction for a driver cover letter 

The introduction of your driver's cover letter should capture the attention of potential employers and demonstrate your qualifications and enthusiasm for driving. To create an attention-grabbing introduction, consider highlighting your relevant skills and experiences that make you an ideal candidate for the driver position. You can mention any certifications, licenses, or specialised training that you have obtained in your driving career. Additionally, sharing specific accomplishments or projects that demonstrate your capabilities and dedication to the field can further strengthen your introduction.

Ultimately, it’s very important to convey your passion for being a driver and explain why you are drawn to this line of work. If there is a personal story or experience that sparked your interest in driving, sharing it can add a touch of authenticity to your introduction. Employers appreciate candidates who are genuinely enthusiastic about the work they do, as it often translates into exceptional performance and dedication on the job. A strong introduction will set the stage for the rest of your cover letter, making a lasting impression and increasing your chances of being considered for your next role. 

Adaptable introduction example

Kia ora Mrs. Smith, 

After twelve years of professional driving and delivering products across New Zealand, I am excited to apply for a position with Cassidy & Kennedy as a professional driver. I love working with clients and pride myself on being approachable, friendly and hard-working at all times. As a result, I sustained a customer service rating of 97% and 98% at both of my previous employers. 


Cover letter body paragraphs 

Your body paragraphs are the most important section of your cover letter, as these paragraphs serve as a canvas for you to elaborate on your accomplishments and highlight your skills. In your body paragraphs, you'll be able to expand on your professional background and better capture the attention of potential employers. To make your cover letter truly stand out, take some time to reflect on situations where you can effectively demonstrate your driving skills. Perhaps you can recall instances where your exceptional abilities allowed you to handle complex driving situations with ease and skill. Or maybe, you have a track record of consistently ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers through your meticulous attention to road rules and traffic conditions. When it comes to highlighting your driving skills, don’t be shy! 

The goal is to use your body paragraphs to paint a vivid picture of your driving proficiency and establish yourself as an outstanding candidate. By effectively expanding on your accomplishments and skills, you can effectively capture the attention of potential employers and increase your chances of securing the desired role. 

Adaptable middle part example

I am a reliable driver and I prioritise health and safety at all times. I am fully licensed to drive in New Zealand, have a clean driving record with no criminal violations or convictions, and have completed over 10,000 hours driving across New Zealand. Each and every drive has been without accident or incident and I have completed each drive and delivery on-time. There have only been four drives in my twelve year career that were not completed on time, due to either civil emergencies and adverse weather.

I have strong topography and cartography skills as a result of having traveled New Zealand extensively. I also am fully licensed to operate all vehicles, have no trouble driving at night and pride myself on being a dependable, proactive worker. I have attached references form my previous employers, as well as reviews from satisfied clients. 


Cover letter conclusion

To conclude your driver's cover letter, it's essential to incorporate a strong call-to-action statement. This statement serves as a proactive invitation for the employer to take the next step. By including a call-to-action statement, you create a sense of urgency and demonstrate your commitment to pursuing the opportunity. Additionally, you may also mention your availability for a phone call or an in-person meeting to discuss the position further. Call-to-action statements leave a lasting impression and increase the likelihood of progressing to the next stage of the hiring process.

Close your cover letter with an appropriate farewell, such as "yours sincerely," "best wishes" or "ngā mihi." Choosing the right closing can leave a positive impression on employers and increase the likelihood of employers reaching out to you. Remember, a well-crafted ending adds a touch of professionalism and courtesy to your cover letter.

Adaptable conclusion example

Delivering excellence to customers is a matter of hard-work, consistency and dedication. I believe I embody these attributes and I hope to talk with you soon. Thank you for taking the time to review my application, please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards, 

Shaun Dempster

Build an engaging cover letter in minutes
Build an engaging cover letter in minutes
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