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Physical Therapist Cover Letter Example

Get noticed and hired faster by using this Physical Therapist cover letter example. This cover letter has been especially designed for Physical Therapist roles in 2024. We make it easy to make effortlessly stunning cover letters quicky and efficiently.
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Physical Therapist Cover Letter Example
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Successful cover letter writing for physical therapists 

At cvapp.nz, we're on a mission to provide you with all the career tools and resources you need to land your next physical therapy job role. We know how important it is to find the right opportunities that align with your skills and aspirations -- that's why we're developed our cover letter guide to help you ace your next job application. We're here to pave your way to professional success. Let’s get started!

Cover Letter Header

To make a strong first impression as a physical therapist, it's important to create a professional and well-formatted cover letter header that conveys your contact details effectively. By providing essential contact information at the top of your cover letter, you enable potential employers to easily reach out to you regarding your application. In your cover letter header, include details such as your full name, professional title, address, phone number, and email address. Ensure that this section is prominently displayed at the top of the page so that it is easily visible. All of our cvapp.nz cover letter templates are formatted by industry professionals -- so you can be sure that no matter what template you choose, you're bound to impress! Remember that your contact information should be accurate and up to date. Don’t forget to triple-check your email address and phone number for any errors as these are the primary methods employers will likely use to reach out to you.

Cover Letter Greeting

In your cover letter greeting, aim for a friendly yet respectful tone. Address the recipient by their name, if possible, such as "Dear Mr. Long," or "Dear Ms. Murray," to demonstrate your professionalism and respect for the recipient. It can also be helpful to infuse your greeting with a touch of warmth and enthusiasm. Including a brief sentence or phrase after your introduction that expresses your excitement about the opportunity to apply your physical therapy skills and contribute to the employer's organisation can go a long way in establishing a connection. For example, you could say, "Dear Mr. Craig, I am excited to apply for the physical therapist position at Auckland Physical Therapy, as it aligns perfectly with my passion for helping patients regain their mobility and improve their quality of life." The main thing to remember with your cover letter greeting is that it should be professional and appropriate!

Cover Letter Introduction

When writing your cover letter introduction, it’s essential to emphasise the professional value you can bring to potential employers as a physical therapist. This can be achieved by showcasing your key achievements and highlighting relevant skills that make you stand out in the field. Ultimately, in today's highly competitive job market, employers are looking for physical therapists who can demonstrate their ability to contribute positively to their organisation. By highlighting your value, you are showing employers why they should take notice of your application and consider you for the position.

One effective way to accomplish this is by including specific achievements that illustrate your capabilities and skills as a physical therapist. For example, you could mention successful outcomes from patient treatments you facilitated, your expertise in using advanced therapeutic techniques, or any awards or recognitions you have received. Be sure to read over the job description to gain a good understanding of what employers are looking for – and keep your tone light and professional throughout your cover letter. 

Adaptable introduction example

Dear Ms. Hall, 

Everyone underestimates injuries until they receive one. As a physical therapist with over eight years experience, I have seen and heard this reality many times. Sustaining an injury, especially injuries that impact us in the long-term, is never fun. As a physical therapist, I have the unique privilege of lessening the pain of my patients and ensuring they get back on their feet as soon as possible. I am applying for a physical therapist position with Hyde Physical Therapy to help support the Hyde Physical Therapy team lessen the stress and pain of Wellington residents. Thank you for taking the tine to review my application. 


Cover Letter Body Paragraphs

Your body paragraphs are the most important section of your physical therapist cover letter. In these paragraphs, it’s important to provide specific examples that support the claims made in your introduction. Elaborate on your skills by describing how you have successfully utilised them in previous roles or clinical settings. In addition to highlighting your skills and achievements, it’s also important to articulate your career aspirations. You can do this by discussing how the position you are applying for aligns with your long-term professional goals, and how the organisation's mission, values, and patient-centered approach resonate with you. This will help showcase your enthusiasm for contributing to their team.

Furthermore, consider addressing any transferable skills that may make you stand out as a candidate. If you have experience in team leadership, mentoring or teaching, research, or involvement in professional organisations, emphasise how these experiences have honed your abilities to complement your clinical expertise. These additional skills can demonstrate your potential to contribute to the organisation as a well-rounded physical therapist.

Finally, tailor your body paragraphs to align with the needs and requirements outlined in the job description. Use keywords and phrases that are relevant to the position, showcasing your understanding of the specific role and your ability to meet its demands.

Adaptable middle part example

I received my Bachelor of Health Sciences (Physiotherapy) from Auckland University of Technology, the leading institute for physiotherapy in New Zealand and one of the best programmes for physiotherapy in the Southern Hemisphere. It was at Auckland University of Technology that I discovered a deeper passion for physiotherapy. I realised how fulfilling it was to help patients in need, patients who needed extra support and were sick of pain and suffering. Healing patients in need is a responsibility as well as a privilege. 

On a personal level, I also understand how difficult managing chronic pain and injuries can be. When I was thirteen years old, my life was turned upside down when I was injured in a high-speed collision. It took over two years to heal my injuries and gain full capacity of my body back. Although I would feel the limitations imposed by my injuries for several more years after the incident, this experience made me motivated to help others who might find themselves in similar situations of chronic pain. I also realised the impact injuries and pain can have on our mental health. When advising and supporting patients, I always review their mental health as the body and mind are deeply interrelated. I believe that pain and fatigue should never stop people from chasing their dreams!


Cover Letter Conclusion 

When you're wrapping up your cover letter, you'll want to reiterate why you are the perfect candidate for the job role. By restating your qualifications and emphasising your unique teaching skills and experiences, you can leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager. 

Lastly, the farewell you choose to include at the end of your cover letter plays a significant role in concluding your correspondence on a positive and professional note. It’s important to choose a closing statement that reflects your level of respect and professionalism toward the reader. Phrases such as "best wishes," "ngā mihi," "yours sincerely," or "kind regards" can effectively capture this tone, and help you get noticed by employers faster. 

Adaptable conclusion example

I would love to discuss more about my career experiences and understand the unique goals of Hyde Physical Therapy. Please find attached my CV and supporting documentation for your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.  

Warm regards, 

Jack Stewart


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Build an engaging cover letter in minutes
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