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Written by Susan ShorSusan Shor

When to add a photo to your CV

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When to add a photo to your CV
Are you unsure about whether to include a photo in your CV for a job application? Well, here's the deal: in most cases, it's not necessary. However, there are situations where adding a photo can actually work in your favour! In this guide, we’ll explore when it’s best to avoid (and include!) that fancy headshot.

When it comes to including a photo in your CV, we’ll clue you in on a little secret: it's usually better to go without one. Here's why -- employers are primarily interested in your professional qualifications and skills. They're not holding out for a glimpse of your dashing good looks... unless, of course, you're looking to be a model or an actor! In those cases, your appearance takes center stage, however, if you're not in those spaces, it's best to skip attaching a photo to your CV. 

Why should I avoid attaching photos to my CV, and when should I include a photo? 

When it comes to wowing potential employers, your experience, expertise and skills takes center stage. So, simply putting a photo on your CV won't typically give you an extra edge and might even be deemed unnecessary by some companies. 

There are times when including a photo on your CV can make a positive impact, especially for roles where you interact with customers every day like customer service and sales positions. In these instances, attaching a photo allows potential employers to put a face to your name, which can help make you more memorable. By showcasing your professional appearance and friendly demeanor, the photo can help create a favourable first impression. However, it is essential to remember that this practice may vary depending on cultural expectations and the specific requirements of the job position. For this reason, it’s essential to review the job description to ensure you have a good grasp of what employers are looking for!

Making your CV stand out can be a game-changer, and one way to do that is by doing some  research on the company and industry you're applying to before you apply. This is especially true if you're pursuing a job overseas: it's crucial to grasp any cultural nuances and expectations that are relevant to the position. Surprisingly, the inclusion of a photo on your CV can vary significantly across different regions. While some places expect it, others deem it unnecessary. If you decide to add a photo, make sure it's recent, professionally captured, and untouched. Opt for a polished headshot rather than a casual selfie, and let your camera roll be the keeper of those spontaneous moments.

When it comes to adding a photo to your CV, the cvapp.nz website has an incredible selection of professional templates where you can find a plethora of samples and examples to explore. Our platform has successfully assisted professionals from across the globe in landing their dream job roles. So, trust us when we say that we definitely know a thing or two about optimising your CV to make it shine and stand out to employers!

  • If you do choose to attach a photo to your CV, we recommend including photos where you’re dressed in professional attire.
  • If you already possess a professional LinkedIn photo, you can go ahead and attach this to your CV!
  • Consider enlisting the skills of a professional photographer to get some great headshots
  • Make sure the background of your photo is neutral-toned.
  • Avoid using a selfie as your photo. Although selfies might highlight your best angles, iPhones usually don't deliver professional-quality images.
  • Avoid uploading photos that are heavily filtered or showcase extensive makeup or dramatic hairstyles. Remember, simplicity and professionalism are key!
  • Steer clear of making funny faces in your photo. Opt for neutral and mature facial expressions. A slight smile can be pleasant, but avoid overly dramatic expressions.
  • Ensure that your photo doesn't dominate too much space on your CV. Keep it appropriately proportioned to maintain a balanced and professional layout.

At cvapp.nz, we believe in powering the people. That's why we're here to provide high-quality professional resources for Kiwis looking to accelerate and expand their career potential. Be sure to check out our blogs, templates and career tools on the cvapp.nz website. Karawhiua!

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Short on time? Build a professional CV in 15 minutes or less
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