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Written by Paul DruryPaul Drury

ChatGPT CV writing: how & when to use ChatGPT

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ChatGPT CV writing: how & when to use ChatGPT
Artwork by:Lizabeth Zaft
Shape your professional future and elevate your job search with a standout ChatGPT CV. We'll help you learn how to leverage AI to take your career to new heights.

Wondering what ChatGPT is and how you can use it to create a great CV? Trust us: you’re not alone! ChatGPT is an advanced AI model that crafts text and infuses them with a human touch, informed by its extensive training across a vast array of internet content. 

When prompted by a user's inquiry or instruction, ChatGPT uses its powerful processing abilities to formulate the most fitting reply. Pretty neat, huh? 

Although ChatGPT has its advantages, relying solely on AI might not always hit the mark for creating a CV that's both genuine and persuasive. In this guide, we’ll explore the following: 

  • How to use AI to create an effective ChatGPT CV
  • Whether ChatGPT can truly enhance your CV
  • Sample prompts you can ask ChatGPT to improve your CV
  • Understanding the risks associated with AI-generated CVs

How can ChatGPT help with a CV?

Think of AI tools like ChatGPT as a trusty gadget in your toolkit for helping you craft an engaging CV. ChatGPT can really come in handy, and when you're at a crossroads with your career, AI can generate new ideas and help get those creative juices flowing. 

After all, why not get smart help from a digital word expert? It's like having an assistant ready to brainstorm and help you highlight your talents and experiences efficiently.

ChatGPT can provide you with ideas and inspiration 

One of the best things ChatGPT offers to job seekers is sparking fresh ideas for their job search. While an AI model can't just spit out a full CV for you, it can start your CV off right and help you out with some good ideas. 

It's totally normal to freeze up in front of an empty screen, wondering how to begin. Just tell it where you're stuck, and get ready for some helpful hints. In our experience, some ideas might be so good they surprise you! 

ChatGPT can help you elaborate on your achievements 

Your CV should really sound like it's coming from you—so if you've got a particular way of phrasing things, why not share a writing sample with ChatGPT to echo that? Now, when it's time to show off your achievements, mix things up a bit! 

You don't want a one-note tune. How about shaking things up with some snazzy action verbs, or asking ChatGPT to help you identify any relevant hard skills, technical skills, or interpersonal skills you possess? And, if you need a few different ways to highlight the same win, just hit up AI for some cool rewrites.

Think of building your CV like picking your favourite outfit—you want the perfect fit and feel for every occasion. 

Need to pack a punch in a single bullet point? Or maybe you're after a paragraph that tells a whole story? Ask ChatGPT to play around with the words. Before you know it, you'll be nodding along, thinking, "Yeah, nah, that's actually pretty good, eh?” 

ChatGPT can help provide support for your personal statement 

Crafting the personal statement section can be one of the trickiest parts of putting together a CV. Your personal statement, sometimes known as a professional summary, is positioned at the top of your CV, often making it the first section an employer sees. 

When you're penning this section, you might notice your final draft often looks a lot like your first stab. It's weirdly tough to let go of our initial words, but holding onto the less-than-great stuff isn't doing you any favours. ChatGPT can help by whipping up several different personal statements in a snap – just feed it the content and keywords you want to include.

While AI can help tailor your personal statement to the job requirements, it can’t always nail it when it comes to sounding authentic. Check out our example from our academic CV

Copyable personal statement

“Committed and consistent academic coordinator passionate about making education accessible and equitable. Over 10+ years of experience working with government agencies, universities and schools around New Zealand, Strong belief that quality education has the power to change lives, allowing New Zealand students to become the architects of their own future.”


In the given example, the job applicant's personal statement vividly expresses their genuine and deep-rooted passion for education. 

While ChatGPT can serve as a valuable tool for inspiration and ideas, it might struggle to capture an authentic tone perfectly. With our collection of over 50 CV examples covering a variety of professions, we simplify the process of crafting a personal statement that truly mirrors your authenticity and individuality. 

ChatGPT can provide a model response to a job description

Every job description is unique and needs a tailored approach. ChatGPT can help not just by fine-tuning your CV for specific roles, but also by generating several ideal responses that align closely with the job requirements. With these examples as a guide, you can tailor your own CV more effectively. 

Since you won't know what CVs your competition is submitting, having a model CV gives you insights into where you stand and what might be missing from your CV.

ChatGPT can help you tailor your CV to each new job role

When applying for jobs, it's essential to customise your job application for each role. While the heavy lifting is often done in the cover letter, keeping multiple CVs can get confusing. 

Generally speaking, employers wanna see the same 'you' across the board; whether they get your CV directly, from a recruitment agency, or from checking out your LinkedIn. 

Potential risks of using AI to create your CV

When using ChatGPT to create your CV, there are some important risks and issues to be mindful of: 

1. ChatGPT can generate content that doesn’t feel authentic 

Keeping it real is crucial when you're applying for jobs. If the way you talk in a job interview doesn't match up with the impression your CV gives, that inconsistency could signal some red flags to potential employers. 

Sure, AI could whip up a flash version of you that looks mint on paper, but don’t forget that it's essential your CV is an accurate reflection of who you truly are.

2. All your CVs may come out identical

While you can use AI to generate career content, there's a risk they may start to look a tad generic. Uh oh! The last thing you’d want is forr a prospective employer to guess that you've had a little digital help with your CV. If an employer figures out that you’ve used AI, it can indicate that you’re not capable of crafting a high-quality CV yourself. 

Yikes! It's important to ensure your CV shines with your uniqueness. Not infusing your CV with your own individuality can harm your chances of getting that dream job! 

3. AI can make mistakes 

While AI models like ChatGPT can be helpful, it's important that job seekers don't rely on it as a one-stop shop or a definitive solution. 

Despite being a powerful resource, ChatGPT doesn't hold all the answers, and answers may not align perfectly with your career goals. Moreover, given that ChatGPT isn't human, it might not always catch phrases that come off as unnatural or awkward.

Now, for a final warning:

4. AI detection is improving 

There are plenty of tools and software on the market that can detect the use of AI in writing – and, as a result, some employers might be able to spot an AI-crafted CV. 

As AI platforms like ChatGPT continue to evolve, detection software is expected to become more advanced. While it can be a good idea to use AI to help enhance your CV, remember that a CV that has been entirely written by AI runs the risk of being identified as inauthentic and generic. 

The key is to strike a balance by using AI-generated ideas as a starting point, and then infusing the document with your personal flair and professional details.

6 ChatGPT prompts for your CV

To effectively use ChatGPT to help craft your CV, it's crucial to provide detailed information that it can use to help tailor its responses. Simply requesting a generic CV based on your job title is unlikely to yield high-quality content that accurately captures your distinctive experiences and qualifications. 

For the best results, be specific when entering your prompts and personalise your prompt as much as possible. You might need to enter several prompts to receive a variety of tailored responses. 

To help get you started, here’s six prompts that you can tailor to your own professional situation:

  1. Create four bullet points based on my list of *input* achievements provided below that best fit with the *input* job description.
  2. Draft a five-line personal statement that will fit the *input* job description below, including the following *input* list of my career motivations, achievements, and personal traits.
  3. Share a list of four achievements that a hiring manager would expect – based on the *input* job description. Pick rare achievements that only the top 10% of job seekers in this industry will be able to boast of.
  4. Tell me the top ten skills that a hiring manager will be looking for based on this *input* job description. Give me examples on how to showcase each skill within an industry-specific accomplishment.
  5. Rewrite the*input* summary to include more action verbs. Include at least four keywords from the *input* job description. Write no more than 400 characters.
  6. Which of the following *input* achievements should I mention that is the best fit for the *input* job description? Justify your choices and tell me why the hiring manager will be impressed. Imagine that you are an *input industry and function* hiring manager.

By asking ChatGPT for an appropriate prompt, you might just stumble upon a phrase or sentence that resonates with you and your career profile. Remember, it's all part of the process to refine and customise the answers that it provides. 

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll agree with every single answer ChatGPT generates. Don't hesitate to infuse your prompts with a touch of creativity. Finding the right words can be a bit like fishing: it requires patience and a bit of luck. 

Key takeaways

You might be surprised at how many job seekers turn to AI for a competitive edge. The real question isn't if you should use AI tools like ChatGPT,  but rather, how to best leverage ChatGPT to help meet your career goals. 

While we don’t recommend using ChatGPT to craft your entire CV, it can still be useful for generating ideas that enhances your CV. 

Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • ChatGPT should be viewed as a tool to your workflow rather than a stand-in for your individual efforts
  • Putting careful thought into the prompts you give to ChatGPT and AI platforms can lead to richer and more compelling answers
  • Maintaining authenticity in your job applications is crucial. Leaning too heavily on AI can detract from the personal touch that employers often look for to connect with the real person behind a CV.
  • Your CV should be an extension of your personal narrative. Have it reviewed by someone who understands you to help ensure its content genuinely reflects your voice.

While ChatGPT can be incredibly helpful, it’s unlikely to build a high-quality CV that truly captures your professional essence. Kickstart your journey with our user-friendly online CV builder, explore our array of templates and comprehensive examples, and craft a standout CV that's sure to captivate employers—all with just a few clicks.

Short on time? Build a professional CV in 15 minutes or less
Short on time? Build a professional CV in 15 minutes or less
Our resume templates follow the exact 'resume rules' employers look for in potential candidates. Easy, effortless and effective - try now for free!
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Short on time? Build a professional CV in 15 minutes or less
Short on time? Build a professional CV in 15 minutes or less
Our resume templates follow the exact 'resume rules' employers look for in potential candidates. Easy, effortless and effective - try now for free!
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