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Written by Karl KahlerKarl Kahler

Creating a CV for European employers: is the Europass CV the best option?

7 min read
Creating a CV for European employers: is the Europass CV the best option?
Artwork by:Katya Simacheva
At cvapp.nz, we believe in making powerful career tools accessible to everyone. We’re here to help you create compelling CVs optimised to engage and impress European employers. In this guide, we’ll explore the Europass CV, what it is, and whether it’s the best option for job-seekers looking for work in Europe.

We’ll explore the following; 

  • What the Europass CV is (and why it may be best to avoid it!)
  • How to structure an effective Europass CV
  • The pros and cons of the Europass CV template
  • Our top Europass CV tips
  • How to create the best CV for a European audience

Let’s get started!

First thing’s first: What’s the Europass CV? 

Before you start applying for jobs in Europe, you’ll need an impressive CV carefully tailored to the expectations of European employers. If you’re intimidated by the idea of crafting a CV for employers in a whole other continent, don’t be! We’ll help you understand what goes into making a great CV to create a CV catered to a European audience. 

When it comes to creating CVs, many European job-seekers consider using the Europass CV system, an initiative developed by the European Union to help job-seekers create professional documents, including CVs and cover letters. Ultimately, the Europass CV was created to help simplify the job search process for candidates looking for employment opportunities in Europe. While this sounds great in theory, unfortunately, the Europass CV has received criticism over the years. From generic designs to poor formatting, both job-seekers and employers alike have expressed their woes with the Europass CV system. 

How to create a Europass CV

If you’re curious and you’d like to check out what the Europass CV looks like for yourself, you can head to the official Europass CV website and login. When you visit the official website, you'll see the European Union logo and the web address should end in ".eu". The website will welcome you and provide detailed instructions on how to create your CV and additional information on how to navigate the site. But before you check out the website, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of creating a Europass CV. 

Advantages and disadvantages of the Europass CV 

First of all, the Europass CV is free. While *free* can be good, free isn’t always great. In this case, there are design limitations and formatting issues that can be considered unattractive and underwhelming by employers. Another potential advantage of the Europass CV is that you don’t need to be in Europe to access the Europass CV website. This is great news for Kiwis who are still in New Zealand. 

At cvapp.nz, we believe that exceptional CVs shouldn’t be generic or have major design issues. While we can appreciate the efforts undertaken by the European Union to develop the Europass CV system, we want our users to be confident that their CVs will leave a positive impression on employers. For that reason, we’ve developed career tools and CV templates that can help you convey your professional value with ease. 

Writing tips for the Europass CV

When completing the Europass, you will be asked to provide information in certain sections. To make your writing persuasive, it is important to use language that shows what you can actively do in a professional context and demonstrates your professional abilities. Try to use descriptive language that isn't generic. For example, "team-spirited" or "hard worker" doesn't really tell employers anything! Where possible, try to use numbers, facts or figures to measure your achievements. For example, “successfully increased retail sales by 15%” sounds a lot better than “provided great customer service.” If you need help, check out the cvapp.nz website for some great templates and examples. 

Generally speaking, it's recommended to keep your Europass CV 1-2 pages in length. In general, less is better when it comes to your CV. Focus on showcasing the professional strengths and skills that are applicable to the job you are applying for.

How to craft an engaging European CV

At cvapp.nz, we're focused on offering the best professional tools on the market to our users. We have a ton of helpful blogs, articles and professional advice on the cvapp.nz website to help you craft the perfect European CV. The main thing to remember is that European employers are over generic, run-of-the-mill CVs. Instead, impress them with professional designs, expert-approved, pre-written content and perfect formatting. Personalised CVs are job-winning CVs, and at cvapp.nz, we can help you customise your CV to impress European employers with ease. 

How long should a European CV be?

While the typical length in New Zealand for a CV is around 1-2 pages, however it’s important to remember that the length of your CV can differ depending on the job you're applying for. In most cases, when the position demands extensive expertise and experience, some employers anticipate a comprehensive, 2-3 page CV. If you're applying for more entry-level roles, a single-page CV can usually get the job done. 

When it comes to crafting a captivating CV, it's crucial to highlight the most relevant and exceptional aspects of your professional journey, as well as demonstrate the unique value you can bring to any organisation. Remember, you don't have to include every single detail: just focus on what truly sets you apart from the crowd.

Key Takeaways 

  • While the Europass CV is free, it often falls short on meeting the expectations of European employers. Moreover, the designs available on the Europass CV website are outdated and unappealing to employers who wish to break away from the generic structure of a Europass CV. With over 300 CV examples, cvapp.nz has exceptional design templates for all professionals: check out the cvapp.nz website to see for yourself!
  • If you do use the Europass CV, remember -- you're joining a pool of candidates that look just like you, making your professional prowess indistinguishable from the crowd.
  • For overall optimal results, we recommend using cvapp.nz to create the perfect professional CV and tailoring our templates to your job application. You can also explore our partner websites to create a CV with localised examples. Simply scroll down to the end of the cvapp.nz website, click New Zealand and switch to your desired country, e.g. United Kingdom. Remember, our partner websites will be in the local language, so if you can’t speak the language, it may be best to select a country where you can speak the language (and get on to those language lessons ASAP!)

At cvapp.nz, we’re here to help you reach the heights of your professional potential. For more professional tips and tricks, check out the cvapp.nz website! Karawhiua!

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Short on time? Build a professional CV in 15 minutes or less
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