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Executive CV Example & Writing Guide

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Executive  CV Example & Writing Guide
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Personal Statements for Executives 

When it comes to the success of a company or organisation, it's often the executives that are looked upon as the driving force. As such, it's incredibly important to present yourself in the best possible light when searching for potential employers.

Potential employers want to know what sets you apart from other candidates, as well as any noteworthy professional accomplishments and experiences you've had over the course of your career. Your personal statement is a chance for you to showcase all of these things and more, and to convince employers that you’re the real deal. In ideally 3-6 sentences, highlight your career expertise, skill-set and experiences that have helped shaped you into the executive today, and why you think you’re an ideal candidate for the role. Don't forget to use actionable, descriptive language and incorporate keywords from the job description where possible.

By presenting your best professional image, you'll enable potential employers to envision you as a valuable asset to their team. It's important to take the time to craft an impactful and attention-grabbing personal statement. It could be the difference between landing the job of your dreams or being passed over for someone else!

Adaptable profile summary example

Bold and community-focused business executive passionate about taking companies and organisations to the next level. Highly-skilled in communication, customer relations and relationship building. Proficient in leading teams, public speaking and employee management. Firm believer that hard-work and team-work will always make the dream work.


Employment History: Expertise, experience and engagement

The employment history section on your CV showcases your previous experience and skills to potential employers. It is essential to provide a comprehensive overview of your past work experiences in this section, including your previous employer's name, the job title, period of employment, and any key contributions or accomplishments achieved during your time in each role. The employment history section allows employers to assess if you have the relevant experience for the job and determine how you can benefit their organisation. 

Given the diverse range of employment experiences that executives usually possess, the employment history section is a prime opportunity to showcase your key competencies and accomplishments. Incorporating relevant keywords from the job description and using bullet points to describe the roles and functions performed in previous positions can give a clear understanding of your suitability for the role. Check out our employment history example below:

Adaptable employment history example

Senior Sales Executive at Bower & Lowe's, Wellington
January 2020 — Present

  • Drafted and supervised Bower & Lowe's annual budgets, ensuring fiscal goals for the company were met or surpassed annually
  • Managed key customer relationships and important client negotiations
  • Assisted with Bower & Lowe's acquisition of Kiwi Co Talent Group
  • Closed over $3,500,000 in sales for Bower & Lowe's in the first fiscal quarter of 2021, a 12.5% increase from 2020
  • Spoke at 12 company events, delivering keynote speeches and high-quality presentations


Junior Sales Executive at Bower & Lowe's, Wellington
July 2018 — December 2019

  • Increased company revenue by 10% as a junior sales executive
  • Collaborated with other staff members to ensure projects were completed efficiently and effectively
  • Negotiated large-scale national deals and facilitated key connections with stakeholders and shareholders for Bower & Lowe's

Skills: Your most effective strengths 

To showcase your potential as an effective leader and a great executive candidate, your skills section must highlight your wide range of skills that you possess. The hallmark of a great executive is their ability to lead teams towards achieving organisational goals. Therefore, it is essential to include skills in your section that demonstrate your leadership qualities, strategic thinking, communication skills, and effective decision-making.

To make your skills section stand out, ensure that the skills you choose to list are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Read over the job description, identify the skills needed for the position, and tailor your list of skills accordingly. It is always wise to include a broad range of skills but remember to include only those skills that demonstrate your competence as an executive.

While crafting your list of skills, use actionable language to describe your skills. For example, instead of writing ‘Good Leadership skills,’ write ‘demonstrated the ability to lead a team towards achieving organisational goals through effective management and decision-making.’By demonstrating that you are equipped with the necessary skills to be a capable leader, you will set yourself apart from other candidates and stand out as an ideal fit for the executive role.

Adaptable skills section example
  • Communication Skills
  • Fast Learner
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Leadership Skills

Education: display your diligence

When it comes to presenting your educational background in your CV, it is important to include all relevant tertiary qualifications, academic achievements, training, or courses you have taken. You might also like to highlight any outstanding grades or projects that demonstrate your strong work ethic, dedication, and ability to succeed.

Additionally, you can also showcase any relevant extracurricular activities or honours you have earned through academic clubs or associations. These may be research projects that demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of your chosen field of study.

Moreover, do not be afraid to share your talents or unique strengths that may differentiate you from other executive applicants. For instance, if you were a member of an organisation improved certain aspects of your institution or community, make sure to mention it as evidence of your exceptional leadership skills and engagement.

In your education section, use every available opportunity to present yourself as an accomplished and motivated candidate who is committed to both personal and professional growth. Having a well-detailed education section that showcases your notable skills and accomplishments could help you stand out from other job seekers!

Adaptable education example

Master of Finance, Massey University, Wellington
February 2017 — December 2019

Bachelor of Commerce, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington
February 2013 — December 2016

NCEA Level 3, King's College, Auckland
January 2008 — December 2012

  • Graduated with NCEA Level 3 with Excellence, NCEA Level 2 with Excellence and NCEA Level 1 with Excellence.

CV Formatting

A well-formatted CV can make all the difference in securing a job interview. For executives, a CV that utilises generous space, clean fonts, and a thoughtfully structured layout can be the key to rising to the top of the candidate pool. That's why at cvapp.nz, we’ve made it easy for Kiwi executives to advance to the next stage of their professional career. We offer a variety of CV examples and career resources that can serve as inspiration or provide practical tips. With cvapp.nz, executives can discover the tools they need to take their careers to the next level! 

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Short on time? Build a professional CV in 15 minutes or less
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